Posted by: rajeevgopal | July 14, 2005

The New House

>We just moved into a new house (4 year old town house) and are enjoying it. To be frank, we had not enough time to sit and relax and enjoy the house, but been relatively busy.

There are lot of things to do, which I plan to do myself, with help from my friends. There are couple of projects that interests me and would start on them relatively soon. I will document those in this blog, so that some day some one might get help from the ones I post.

Posted by: rajeevgopal | July 13, 2005

Celeberating the Death

>I was never interested in Politics. May be because I was born in Kerala. You would be thinking what a nincompoop I am. Being born in Kerala should make me more aware of politics and should make me more agile in learning the political developments in the state. That’s true. But you don’t see the other side of it. In my opinion, there is a politician in every man in Kerala. People think politics and they discuss politics as it is their family matter. And that is where we go wrong. We discuss and we are concerned about what one party is doing to another, but we seldom understand that the both parties are the same – just with different faces.

Why am I so irritated with Politics? Just because it has never given our State a good image. NEVER. Communism or Congressism…both are same…they chose different paths to torture the people….

Not all politicians are bad. There are politicians, whom I have heard of and read about and whom I know personally, who really take their job seriously and with passion. One of such politicians is our respeced P K V. He was true Comrade. How could the politicians be so cheap by creating violence in such a situation? This is a time for mourning; to be silent; and praying. Instead they are “preying”!!! Kashtam

According to UNESCO, Kerala is 96.5% literate. But it could never tell how many percentage of the God’s Own Country is EDUCATED!!! 9%, may be 😦

Posted by: rajeevgopal | May 21, 2005

My Lady Love

>I hug her and she looks at me…

I kiss her on her cheeks and she looks at me…

I kiss her on her nose and she looks at me…

My fingers stroll through her hair, and she looks at me…

I look at her, and her gleaming eyes tell me quitely….

“You are the best dad in the world!”

Posted by: rajeevgopal | May 3, 2005

What Do I Read?

>I liked reading. Not a lot, but still I used to read. Novels, poems and biographies.
They inspired me. They inspired me good!

Now that I dont get enough time (finding no time is an absolute farce!), I spend my free time in reading technical books. .NET has been my latest love for the past 2 years. So I read more about that reigning technology.

Reading has been a gift to my family. My maternal aunt is a voracious reader and writer. She is not published though. She is quite shy, in that matter. I have insisted umpteen times to get her works published, but she has been dodging through my attempts.

Well, my wife is also a voracious reader and she completes a book in 2 days. 2 days! Well, thats unbelievable for me atleast. Recently one of my closest friends, who also happens to be a heavy book worm, got her a novel – The Da Vinci Code. As she was busy in some other novels, I put a hand on it. And that was it. I got hooked. But it took me 4 – 5 weeeks before I completed the book.

This book was awesome. It taught me a lesson – there are things that we do not know. THAT WE DO NOT KNOW!

Posted by: rajeevgopal | January 11, 2005

Karunakaran – The live Tsunami

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