Posted by: rajeevgopal | September 29, 2010

What’s ailing Malayalam Cinema?

That is one topic every Keralite likes to discuss, other than Politics 🙂 This a series of blog posts (or so I plan of), about the reasons I see and the possible solutions that come to my mind.

Problem #1: Pathetic situation of Entertainment centers
I can only talk of those cinema theatres in Trivandrum (Kerala, India), my home town,  and some outside Trivandrum. I can say with 100% certainty that none of the theatres in Trivandrum are welcoming!!! Yes, that are three exclamations, and that was with purspose. 🙂

On our recent visit to Trivandrum, we went to watch Pazhassiraja, with much enthusiasm. Let me say, the experience (not the movie) disappointed me! I could not watch the movie with complete satisfaction. The ambience of the theatre was of very low class. The theatre had its own special effects, turning the lights on and off, and what nots!

Recently, one of my friends rented the DVD of the movie and we watched it in his home theater. Wow, I had missed the entire movie the first time! So, you imagine!

Solution: This is an easy one. Make it up! Make it trendy so that it attracts more people.

UPDATE: It seems its not only in Trivandrum.

Problem #2: The approach of movie making.
Some months back, I stumbled (yes, I never intended to watch) upon this movie called One Way Ticket. After watching the whole movie, I cursed myself of wasting 2 hours of valuable time! The director/screenplay writer did not have a clue what they were doing, for sure! That was very evident from the movie.

OK, bad movies come and go, and why am I so obsessed with this one alone? The one thing which was frustrating to me was the cast – this movie had Prithviraj, Mammootty and Thilakan.

What more could a director ask for? He just wasted lots of money, thats all!!

Recently saw Agathan, with lots of curiosity, after watching Dileep talk about it as it was the best movie ever made (in Students Only in Kairali TV). Very disappointed! It was directed by Kamal, for God’s sake! What’s happening???

Solution: It is time for the film makers to take a step back and think straight for a moment. They need to redefine the approach of movie making. Its not the money which makes the movie, its the movie which makes the money! 🙂



  1. >I think you are just partly right. The movie halls with ambience is all dependent on the crowd you get to the hall.

  2. >Thanks inferno, for you comment. The situation of theatres in Trivandrum are that pathetic.

  3. >Rajeev,There is one more thing we should understand. We can not expect a big theater with houseful sign any more. we need more well equipped Mini theaters. There are some good movies from directors like Renjith, Jayaraj and Lal Jose. (Paleri, Loud speaker, Neelathamara etc). None of them are big budget movies. There are some directors they are just wasting producers money.

  4. >Saghave!Very good observation. I very much agree with you. We need small theatres (well maintained though), which could leverage small/medium quality movies.

  5. >not only in trivandrum, most part of kerala, conditon of theatres are pathetic. Attingal is an exception, where a good number of top class theatres exist.

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