Posted by: rajeevgopal | August 30, 2010

Teacher Appears (read Teachers Appear!)

>“When student is ready, teacher will appear!”

This statement has lot of meaning. This has very deep meaning of one has to be ready for the opportunity. Be prepared, and you shall reap the fruits.

This is true in all of our cases. Some of us may just not be aware of this happening to us.

In Harrisburg, we have a small group of friends, getting together on Sundays, for a Satsang. We discuss Hinduism and it’s effects of its ideologies and literature on our daily lives. So far it has been very rewarding in learning new things and applying to our lives in moderate doses.

The only challenge was none of us understand Sanskrit, which is the base language of all Hindu scriptures. There are other sources as well, in Malayalam and English, but the root source of all come from those Sanskrit scriptures.

Then one day, it just happened.

Sri Mannadi Hari (Sapthaaham fame) happened to visit US and we invited him over to Harrisburg. He is a very learned person and it was a blessing for us that he visited our small group and attended one of our Satsangs. He gave a discourse on Dharma Sastra and its relevancy in today’s world. Very informative session, it was.

After two weeks, our Satsang initiator Gopakumar told that Sri Udit Chaitanya is visiting US. He is a Swamiji and a Brahmachari (unlike Sri Mannadi Hari). He has amassed wealth of knowledge in Bhagawatham. Gopan invited him over and he was very kind enough to accept our invitation and came over. We organized a small gathering at our temple in Harrisburg (HARI Temple).  It was another enlightening day of discourse.

We were ready. And the teachers appeared.


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