Posted by: rajeevgopal | December 2, 2008

Unpopular Chief Minister. Unpopular Remarks

>I would not expect anything more from him. Oh ya, I am talking about our own Achuthananthan, who had done NOTHING except getting unpopular!

The recent remarks against Major Sandeep’s family is just an example. The remarks were a colloquial one, I agree. But, it was not proper. It could come out from only a person who does not have any self respect.

I am not a Congressman, if you doubt! Never. You can call me a bully, but don’t call me a politician! You may say, what is the difference! And I would laugh at your remarks!

I never had any inclination towards any political parties, nor do I have now. Political parties in India have not become so people-friendly till now. It might change, and of course I am looking forward to it.

People are fed up with these anti-heroes and their anti-heroisms.

When would they learn? When would we learn?


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