Posted by: rajeevgopal | December 19, 2007

Stage and me

>I always wanted to act in a movie, when I was a teenager. I still have the passion of acting! That might have seeded in me by seeing my father on stage, on different occasions. No, he was not a professional actor. He was better than lots of them, but he acted in his official annual function skits.

My only outlet was the extra curricular activities in my school. I was totally involved in those, that I almost forgot (another term for being lazy) to study. And that hit me hard once, which I will never forget. Since then I have been keeping myself away from arts and theatre activities and concentrating on my studies and mainstream job related activities. So my hobby list included reading .NET books, writing .NET related blogs and attending actively in the local .NET user group.

Once again, the acting bug has hit me. It is with the local Kerala Association (Kerala is the state in India where I am from) connection. And they have made me the Entertainment Committee Lead. I am excited as well as afraid at the same time. When I am on stage, I forget everything… I just go with the flow…

This time, I have sworned myself that it would be different. I would be more careful than before. One lesson in life is more than enough to learn, right? My family and career comes first and everything else is second (or third or fourth…)…



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