Posted by: rajeevgopal | May 3, 2005

What Do I Read?

>I liked reading. Not a lot, but still I used to read. Novels, poems and biographies.
They inspired me. They inspired me good!

Now that I dont get enough time (finding no time is an absolute farce!), I spend my free time in reading technical books. .NET has been my latest love for the past 2 years. So I read more about that reigning technology.

Reading has been a gift to my family. My maternal aunt is a voracious reader and writer. She is not published though. She is quite shy, in that matter. I have insisted umpteen times to get her works published, but she has been dodging through my attempts.

Well, my wife is also a voracious reader and she completes a book in 2 days. 2 days! Well, thats unbelievable for me atleast. Recently one of my closest friends, who also happens to be a heavy book worm, got her a novel – The Da Vinci Code. As she was busy in some other novels, I put a hand on it. And that was it. I got hooked. But it took me 4 – 5 weeeks before I completed the book.

This book was awesome. It taught me a lesson – there are things that we do not know. THAT WE DO NOT KNOW!


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